Paul J. Williams

My career as a registered financial advisor started in 1972, when I became a stockbroker with Dean Witter Reynolds in Clearwater Florida. Now after 49 successful years, I am retired and have published a unique 136-page educational investment book, entitled “Stock Investing Without Losing Your A**.” The book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Additionally, for the past three years, I have mastered and utilized stock charting as a superior way to identify the short, intermediate, and long-term stock market trends.

Just like a doctor takes an EKG of one’s heartbeat, I am able, by utilizing “StockCharts.Com” unique charting program to see both the positive and negative energy levels of the current 11 stock market sectors.

By utilizing the book, website, and daily emails you will learn how to invest in the right stock market sectors at the right time.